The Most Gorgeous Bars in Chicago

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Bar and shops on Grand Avenue in Montclare, a Chicago community on the Northwest Side. Quiet neighborhood street with Edwardian commercial buildings.

Dive bars these ain’t. Sometimes you just wanna dress up snazzy, spend an hour fussing with your hair, and hit the city in a bar that’s a beautiful as you feel that night. You can get a great drink in plenty of bars in Chicago. But if you want that drink to come surrounded in a pretty package, these are a few of the Chicago bars to experience that in!


Here are a six of the most gorgeous bars in Chicago. You’ll probably be compelled to Instagram these places to pieces.


  1. Palmer House Hilton Lobby Bar


The American hotel lobby bar earned an iffy reputation, and then fell out of style in favor of ugly armchairs and a plate of fossilized cookies. But the lobby bar at the Palmer House Hilton brings back the beauty and opulence of old-school luxury hotel bars. You can sip a chocolate mint mojito, stare up at the beautifully ornate ceiling, and wonder why anyone would order room service when they could sit at this gorgeous bar instead.


  1. The Bedford


You can hang out in a bank vault that doesn’t call to mind Scrooge McDuck. The Bedford’s beautifully renovated bank lets you eat appetizers and drink cocktails next to old security deposit boxes (some opened and filled with candles) and massive vault doors. The whole thing is on a basement-level, and there’s something weirdly snug about drinking in your own elegant little Fort Knox.


  1. Barrelhouse Flat


This Lincoln Park bar is open until 4 a.m. so you can soak up the stunningness all night long. Barrelhouse Flat serves up classic cocktails in a glowing chocolate-colored bar that offers delicious and affordable drinks in lovely surroundings.


  1. Untitled Supper Club


The underground bar and restaurant plays up a kind of speakeasy vibe and offers frequent live music and entertainment in their gorgeously-designed venue. When even the women’s restrooms are beautiful, you know you’re in good hands. The couches are velvety, the walls are gold, and the chandeliers and drinks are surprisingly modern.


  1. Cindy’s at the Chicago Athletic Association


They gutted the top floor of the Chicago Athletic Association and came up with this little beauty: Cindy’s. The ceiling is glass to let in natural light and the tables are meant to be shared with all your friends and loved ones. Although the space itself is undeniably easy on the eyes, it’s the view overlooking Lake Michigan and Millennium Park that’s the real stunner.


  1. RM Champagne Salon


It’s as expensive as it sounds, but it looks like a million bucks. The RM Champagne Salon is a trendy West Loop staple, but it doesn’t stop at the jaw-dropping interior. It’s the patio that’s underrated beauty of the place. It’s always somehow romantically lit, and the bubbly only enhances the enchanting effect of this beautiful bar. Despite the name, the RM Champagne Salon is actually known for their selection of rare Kentucky bourbons. Much of their decor is actually collected from old pieces of a Kentucky distillery, and it adds to the vintage aesthetic.