TDD Top 10 Places To Watch the Super Bowl 2015

For a fair-weather football fan like me, the Super Bowl is just another excuse to eat way more chicken wings than any human should eat and to watch ridiculously produced and expensive beer commercials. To be honest, IDGAF about the halftime show this year because Beyoncé isn’t performing. However, I still want to party and so do you. So here are the Daily Do Chicago – Top 10 Places To Watch the 2015 Super Bowl, in no particular order.

waterhouseWaterhouse – having a party starting at 5:30, $10 for all you can eat nacho bar (aka, all you can fart for $10), $4 fireball shots (because I mean, you’re watching the Super Bowl for crying out loud. drink some fireball) and $3 on all drafts – which, is a DEAL any night of the week and should be taken advantage of no matter what day it is.

Super Wing Super Bowl at Four Shadows –A $30 ticket will get you like, a shit ton of food, including the aforementioned wings that I plan to stuff my face with. Also, this place has board games. I have no idea if you can actually play these games while also watching the Super Bowl but if your ADD is like, really bad you could probably bust out the Parcheesi when absolutely necessary.

Stout Barrel House & Galley – Stout Barrel House & Galley boasts a menu where every food item is paired with an excellent selection from their beers on tap. Every bar in Chicago is bound to packed on Sunday, but if you’re hanging at Stout, at least you’ll be in a classy River North bar.

Barn & Company –
$24.99 all you can eat BBQ?! Oh boy, I think I’m putting on the LBs just thinking about every all-you-can eat special going on one of the most American of “holidays.” I may have to hide inside my apartment, watch the Puppy Bowl, and do crunches and pushups until I just fall flat on my face from passing out rendering me unconscious and unable to eat. Screw it.  I’m throwing away my kettle bells and my yoga mat. Barn & Company’s BBQ is so damn good I’d settle for being fat and happy if I could afford to eat there every day.

superbowltailgateflyer2015revised28sm29Superbowl Sunday at Ovie Bar & Grill –  Be one of the first hundred people to get a $10 ticket and get access to a FREE buffet! Only 1 drink comes with your ticket, but hey, they are giving you free food until midnight with this deal and come on, $10 to get in? That’s a sweet deal if you ask me!

Stay home and order – BOGO wings from MAK. Hell to the yes, I say. BOGO home delivery wings is like Christmas all over again except, Santa is a delivery guy who brings you wings instead of presents. I think if you order via the link you’ll get a 10% discount woot!

Public House – If you reserve a table at Public House, you literally won’t have to get up to get beer all damn day because they’ve got this thing called Tablegate which basically outfits your table like a personal keg. You will have to get up from your table to go to the bathroom though. If you’re upset by that last sentence, how lazy are you, homie?

Super Bowl Party at Rocks Northcenter – This event is FREE. Need I say more? Nope. Nothing left to say except, FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Plus, there’s a special game day menu and the chance to win a TV in a raffle. If you’re rolling with a big crew that day, you can reserve a table and get a FREE one-hour tailgate pre-game party. Come on – let’s use teamwork to get free shit, shall we?

 The Corner Bar – This is only event that I’ve seen that has made a slight promise to play the puppy bowl at halftime. PUPPIES!!!!!

Watch the Super Bowl at Lottie’s– If you live in Chicago and you have yet to visit Lottie’s, take the opportunity to hang out with their crew on Super Bowl Sunday. This place is just one of those “you gotta go” places in Chicago. Anyway, Super Bowl Sunday specials include $4 Jameson and Jameson Black shots, $15 Miller/Coors buckets, and a $15 Punxsutawney platter, whatever the heck that is… They’ll be repeating their specials on Groundhog Day, February 2nd (how clever!) and there will also be a special halftime competition. Something about kicking a ball, I dunno. Sounds pretty fun and there might be a prize so check it out.

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