Chicago Culture Maven Lois Weisberg Dies

Lois Weisberg is one of the key components that made Chicago what it is today. Without her, there would be no Chicago Blues Festival, no Friends of the Park or Chicago Cultural Center, no Gallery 37 program or Chicago Gospel Music Festival. She brought Cows on Parade to Chicago and […]

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brini green

Cabrini Green Restoration

It has been almost five years since the tear down of the last Cabrini Green notorious tower came crashing down. The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) is continuing on with its final plans to move forward and turn the site into a new thriving area and community. The city of Chicago […]

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chicago segregated

Chicago High on List of Segregated Cities In U.S.

  The city of Chicago is known for a lot of things such as amazing deep dish pizza, the Sears ( we mean Willis) Tower, and a crazy amount of gun violence in recent years. Now it has been determined that Chicago is pretty high on the list of segregated […]

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